Amazing Hiking Trails and Waterfalls in Monteverde, Costa Rica.

Wake up
Your Senses


Monteverde, Costa Rica.


Are there tigers in Costa Rica? For years, the natives have called this mystic forest "Los Bajos del Tigre" because the hunters constantly had encounters with the majestic Jaguar the largest cat in all America and the third largest in the world and to whom they called "tiger" . This is how the name "El Tigre Waterfalls" is borned. Each waterfall is named after a wild cat from Costa Rica.
Wake up your senses. Feel the energy of a mystical forest to which very few people have ever entered. The difficult access to these waterfalls caused the place to be preserved virgin for hundreds of years. The trails are very natural to create the least possible impact in the jungle. Listen to rumble the earth with the force of the water falling from the top of the mountain in the form of an incredible waterfall, the first one, called “Jaguarundi”. Approach the shore and let the drops of water refresh your face. Walk in the beautiful hanging bridge and go to the side of the river, grab the safety rope and go to the other side. Observe how the immense green forest contrasts perfectly with the white of the waterfalls and the blue butterflies flying over us. We reached 2 of the highest and most impressive waterfalls: "Puma" and "Ocelote". Come closer, touch the water and admire these art pieces of nature. Pure air…  take a breath and continue on a steep path that surrounds ancient trees and crags of volcanic rock, we are about to reach the last waterfall, "El Jaguar escondido". A jewel. Simply breathtaking
Back home. We go down the path of the Jaguar escondido waterfall and past the river once again. Leaving the dense forest we will begin to see a more open area where an expert rider with some beautiful horses will be waiting for us. It is not necessary to have experience with horses. The ride lasts approximately 35 minutes and goes through a different trail with open views and wider roads. Soon we will be back on the main road where  the transport will be waiting  to take you back to your hotel.


With reservation only. Starts at 7:30am 


Wild trails, hanging bridges, 4 beautiful waterfalls and horseback riding! 


$69 per person


Monteverde, Costa Rica.